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Volume 25 Issue 02

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Volume 25, No. 2
Pages 222 - 223

THE OCEANOGRAPHY CLASSROOM • Why Do Today What Will Be Even Better Tomorrow?

Simon Boxall
First Paragraph

This edition of The Oceanography Classroom was to be on a topic I have been mulling over for the past two editions now. However, as I delivered my previous article perilously close to the print deadline, the editor suggested, tongue in cheek, that I should do an article on procrastination. The suggestion infiltrated my thoughts, and I have been procrastinating over which to run with ever since.


Boxall, S. 2012. The oceanography classroom: Why do today what will be even better tomorrow? Oceanography 25(2):222–223, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2012.62.


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