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Volume 22 Issue 01

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Volume 22, No. 1
Pages 240 - 241

BOOK REVIEW • Tides of History: Ocean Science and Her Majesty's Navy

Helen Rozwadowski
First Paragraph

Oceanographers today are more aware than ever of the importance of ocean science, particularly for understanding global issues such as climate change and the repercussions of fishing on ecosystems. Now, historian Michael Reidy offers a book that argues for the importance of ocean science historically on an equally global scale. Improved navigation is certainly part of his story. More strikingly, ocean science was an integral part of both the process of European expansion and the emergence of the modern scientist.


Rozwadowski, H. 2009. Review of Tides of History: Ocean Science and Her Majesty’s Navy, by M.S. Reidy. Oceanography 22(1):240–241, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2009.30.