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Volume 17 Issue 04

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Volume 17, No. 4
Pages 80 - 91

The Role of Canyons on Strata Formation

Miquel Canals Jose Luis CasamorGalderic Lastras André MonacoJuan AcostaSerge BernéBenoît LoubrieuPhilip P.E. WeaverAnthony GrehanBernard Dennielou
First Paragraph

This paper provides a spatial and temporal multi-scale approach of European submarine canyons. We first present the long-term geologic view of European margins as related to controls on submarine canyon development. Then we discuss the extent to which submarine canyon systems resemble river systems because both essentially form drainage networks. Finally, we deal with the shortest-term, highest-resolution scale to get a flavor of the current functioning and health of modern submarine canyons in the northwestern Mediterranean Sea.


Canals, M., J.L. Casamor, G. Lastras, A. Monaco, J. Acosta, S. Berné, B. Loubrieu, P.P.E. Weaver, A. Grehan, and B. Dennielou. 2004. The role of canyons on strata formation. Oceanography 17(4):80–91, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2004.06.