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Volume 10 Issue 03

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Volume 10, No. 3
Pages 132 - 134

The Moon, of Course…

Walter Munk Carl Wunsch
First Paragraph

This is an essay on tidal friction and ocean mixing. Tides are not a subject at the forefront of current interest. Many oceanographers believe the subject died with Victorian mathematicians. But TOPEX/POSEIDON (T/P) altimetry measurements have suggested an enhanced lunar role in ocean processes and put a new face on an ancient subject. In contrast, oceanic mixing is alive (even fashionable); we wish to convince the reader that the connection between these ancient subjects is deep, important, and not obviously lunatic.


Munk, W., and C. Wunsch. 1997. The moon, of course… Oceanography 10(3):132–134, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.1997.06.