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Volume 23 Issue 04

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Volume 23, No. 4
Pages 12 - 13

The Future of Oceanography from Space: Introduction to the Special Issue

Eric J. Lindstrom Nikolai Maximenko
First Paragraph

In this special issue of Oceanography we explore a number of different science drivers for the future of oceanography from space. Given all the developments in remote sensing over the last few decades, this area is rich for inquiry, and we do not presume to provide a comprehensive overview in this single issue. Likely, there will be follow-on issues covering more science and different aspects of remote sensing in greater detail. We hope these papers will stimulate robust community conversation about oceanography from space that will lead to such follow up in Oceanography.


Lindstrom, E.J., and N. Maximenko. 2010. The future of oceanography from space: Introduction to the special issue. Oceanography 23(4):12–13, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2010.01.