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Volume 21 Issue 01

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Volume 21, No. 1
Pages 12 - 19

Salinity and the Global Water Cycle

Raymond W. Schmitt
First Paragraph

Climate change is in the news frequently these days, and better-informed commentators note that changes in the water cycle pose the greatest challenge to society. We may be able to deal with an increase in temperature with a bit more air conditioning, but significant intensification in droughts and floods will be a more severe test. Civilization thrives at a range of temperatures at different latitudes, but it cannot cope without water. Thus, a number of national and international programs have been organized to assess and understand the “global water cycle.”


Schmitt, R.W. 2008. Salinity and the global water cycle. Oceanography 21(1):12–19, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2008.63.