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Volume 28 Issue 04

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Volume 28, No. 4
Pages 8 - 11

RIPPLE MARKS • Life in a Tangled Mangal: Turning the Tide for Mangroves

Cheryl Lyn Dybas
First Paragraph

Kampung Pangkalan Ladang. This exotic-​sounding coastal town in peninsular Malaysia is acclaimed for its beautiful, if eerie, brand of ecotourism: synchronized “light shows” by fireflies (Pteroptyx tener) that live in mangrove trees. The Selangor River flows past Kampung Pangkalan Ladang; mangroves grow along its riverbanks. The fireflies use the trees as communal display and mating grounds.


Dybas, C.L. 2015. Ripple marks—The story behind the story. Oceanography 28(4):8–11, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2015.88.