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Volume 19 Issue 04

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Volume 19, No. 4
Pages 81 - 81

Prydz Bay—Riviera of Antarctica

Brian B. Taylor
First Paragraph

Less than a week after returning to my home in Halifax from Y2K celebrations in Banff, I boarded an airplane to join the JOIDES Resolution in Fremantle, Australia, with the ultimate destination of Prydz Bay. As I stepped on the aircraft, I began to have second thoughts about the wisdom of this particular venture. After all, two months at sea is an awfully long time for someone prone to seasickness. I wondered how an engineer with little scientific background would fit in with a shipload of research scientists. Also on my newly forming list of doubts was the fact that I was heading for Antarctica. Even if it were summer down there, it’s cold, and I don’t like cold.


Taylor, B.B. 2006. Prydz Bay—Riviera of Antarctica. Oceanography 19(4):81, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2006.19.