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Volume 25 Issue 04

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Volume 25, No. 4
Pages 87 - 87

AWARDS • Ocean Optics XXI Conference Student Paper Awards

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Over 60 student papers were submitted to Ocean Optics XXI. The following awards were announced during the ceremony. The novel observations and insightful conclusions presented in these works exemplify the high quality of student research reported at the conference and contributed significantly to the body of knowledge regarding the nature and consequences of light in the ocean.

Best Student Paper

Jianwei Wei | Signatures of Wave-Induced Light Field Fluctuations in Measured Irradiance Depth Profiles

Honorable Mention

Justin M. Haag | Measurement System for Obtaining Marine Animal Reflectance Functions
Amir Ibrahim | The Relationship Between Upwelling Polarized Radiance and In-Water Attenuation to Absorption Ratio
Thomas Leeuw | Remote Identification of the Invasive Tunicate Didemnum vexillum Using Reflectance Spectroscopy


Ocean Optics XXI Conference Student Paper Awards. 2012. Oceanography 25(4):87.