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The Oceanography Society
Volume 18 Issue 03

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Volume 18, No. 3
Pages 80 - 81

THE OCEANOGRAPHY CLASSROOM • Method First, Results Later

Tom Garrison
First Paragraph

About ten years ago I participated in the first of a series of workshops sponsored by the National Science Foundation to determine ideal course content for a college undergraduate student’s first class in marine science. A few years later I was lucky to be present at the birth of COSEE (Centers for Ocean Science Education Excellence), the preeminent organization for influencing teacher training in the marine sciences. This last June it was my pleasure to be a team leader for the CORE (Consortium for Oceanographic Research and Education) subcommittee charged with the responsibility of suggesting what oceanic knowledge should be presented to the general public. I have spent much time thinking about our field and how it might be represented to the folks who pay the bills.


Garrison, T. 2005. Education: Method first, results later. Oceanography 18(3):80–81, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2005.32.