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Volume 29 Issue 02

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Volume 29, No. 2
Pages 192 - 201


Large-Scale Air-Sea Coupling Processes in the Bay of Bengal Using Space-Borne Observations

By R. Sharma , N. Agarwal , A. Chakraborty, S. Mallick , Jared Buckley, V. Shesu, and Amit Tandon 
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Article Abstract

For the last several decades, sensors aboard satellites have provided a rich array of information about ocean surface parameters, especially sea surface temperature. The latest addition to the satellite toolbox, sea surface salinity, has paved the way for much greater understanding of large-scale air-sea coupling in the Bay of Bengal. This region is replete with mesoscale and submesoscale features and associated surface currents that profoundly impact air-sea heat exchanges and vertical mixing in the ocean. Sea surface height from satellite altimeters is widely used for understanding the dynamics of such features. This article reviews how satellite data are used to monitor and understand various air-sea interactions in the Bay of Bengal and presents a brief overview of modeling efforts underway in this important region.


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