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Volume 21 Issue 04

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Volume 21, No. 4
Pages 34 - 45


Investigations of Air-Sea Gas Exchange in the CoOP Coastal Air-Sea Chemical Exchange Project

James B. Edson Michael D. DeGrandpreNelson Frew Wade R. McGillis
Article Abstract

The exchange of CO2 and other gases across the ocean-air interface is an extremely important component in global climate dynamics, photosynthesis and respiration, and the absorption of anthropogenically produced CO2. The many different mechanisms and properties that control the air-sea flux of CO2 can have large spatial and temporal variability, particularly in the coastal environment. The need for making short-time-scale and small-spatial-scale estimates of gas transfer velocity, along with the physical and chemical parameters that affect it, provided a framework for the field experiments of the Coastal Ocean Processes Program (CoOP) Coastal Air-Sea Chemical Exchange (CASCEX) program. As such, the CASCEX project provided an opportunity to develop some of the first in situ techniques to estimate gas fluxes using micrometeorological and thermal imagery techniques. The results reported from the CASCEX experiments represent the first step toward reconciling the indirect but widely accepted estimates of gas exchange with these more direct, higher-resolution estimates over the coastal ocean. These results and the advances in sensor technology initiated during the CASCEX project have opened up even larger regions of the global ocean to investigation of gas exchange and its role in climate change.


Edson, J.B., M.D. DeGrandpre, N. Frew, and W.R. McGillis. 2008. Investigations of air-sea gas exchange in the CoOP Coastal Air-Sea Chemical Exchange project. Oceanography 21(4):34–45, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2008.03.


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