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Volume 21 Issue 03

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Volume 21, No. 3
Pages 44 - 53

Innovation in Oceanographic Instrumentation

Thomas B. Curtin | Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, Arlington, VA, USA
Edward O. Belcher | Sound Metrics, Lake Forest Park, WA, USA

First Paragraph

The tools of oceanography include instruments that measure properties of the ocean and models that provide continuous estimates of its state. Major improvements in tool capabilities lead to leaps in understanding, and this increased knowledge has many practical benefits. Advances in tool capabilities are sometimes viewed as an objective of basic research, a viewpoint reflected in the basic research funding category of “science and technology” (S&T).


Curtin, T.B., and E.O. Belcher. 2008. Innovation in oceanographic instrumentation. Oceanography 21(3):44–53, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2008.34.