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Volume 19 Issue 02

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Volume 19, No. 2
Pages 62 - 71

Human Development and Resource Use in the Coastal Zone: Influences on Human Health

Robert E. Bowen Anamarija FrankicMary E. Davis
First Paragraph

Coastal watersheds and nearshore marine areas are the most valuable and dynamic places on Earth. Human population growth is great in these regions, which are home to some of the most sensitive habitats in the world. Coastal areas provide more than half of the overall service value derived from the global environment (Costanza et al., 1997). Natural (e.g., hurricanes and tsunamis) and human pressures on this environment require it to constantly adjust. More than any other area, the global coast has defined the progress of human culture and continues to be a singular influence in how humans connect to the world around them.


Bowen, R.E., A. Frankic, and M.E. Davis. 2006. Human development and resource use in the coastal zone: Influences on human health. Oceanography 19(2):62–71, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2006.66.