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Volume 19 Issue 02

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Volume 19, No. 2
Pages 14 - 17

COMMENTARY • Grand Challenges for Ocean Sciences Research

Alan Brandt
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The purpose of this note is to provide a framework for establishing Grand Challenges for ocean research that would inspire the research community, our national legislators, and the general public. Such challenges should provide a middle ground between previously proposed long-term studies that encompass virtually all aspects of ocean research, and studies that address specific near-term issues that confront the contemporary world, such as tsunami prediction and disaster mitigation. Toward this end, specific issues are identified that can pose a challenge to the research community over the next decade while making a significant contribution to problems of national concern.


Brandt, A. 2006. Commentary: Grand Challenges for ocean sciences research. Oceanography 19(2):14–17, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2006.81.