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Volume 17 Issue 04

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Volume 17, No. 4
Pages 214 - 216

BOOK REVIEW • Frozen Oceans: The Floating World of Pack Ice

Harold Welch
First Paragraph

Frozen Oceans by scientist David N. Thomas is a glossy, well-produced book with nearly 200 color figures and photos, an introduction to polar and subpolar pack ice regions of the northern and southern hemispheres. Pictures are generally high quality but the reader will wish there were a few more that illustrate specifics. The writing is straightforward and concise, reminiscent of scientific papers, with little deviation from the presentation of facts. There is a great deal of information given in an accessible, if somewhat dry, manner. None of the material is referenced, which makes the book easier to read, but this means there is no way to access the sources for the facts given—they have to be taken on faith. However, I noted only a few minor factual and editorial errors, which gives one confidence that the content is well researched and accurate.


Welch, H. 2004. Review of Frozen Oceans: The Floating World of Pack Ice, by D.N. Thomas. Oceanography 17(4):214–216, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2004.24.