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Volume 18 Issue 04

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Volume 18, No. 4
Pages 88 - 97

Ekman Mass and Heat Transport in the Indonesian Seas

Janet Sprintall W. Timothy Liu
First Paragraph

The Indonesian throughflow (ITF) is the flow of warm, relatively fresh waters into the southeast Indian Ocean from the western Pacific Ocean via the series of passages between the islands of the Indonesian archipelago and Australia (see Figure 1 in Gordon, this issue). As the world’s only low-latitude interocean conduit, the ITF plays an integral role in the global thermohaline circulation and directly impacts the basin heat and freshwater budgets of both the Pacific and Indian Oceans (Bryden and Imawaki, 2001).


Sprintall, J., and W.T. Liu. 2005. Ekman mass and heat transport in the Indonesian seas. Oceanography 18(4):88–97, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2005.09.