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Volume 19 Issue 03

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Volume 19, No. 3
Pages 122 - 133

Biological Structure and Seasonality in the Japan/East Sea

Carin Ashjian Robert ArnoneCabell DavisBurton JonesMati KahruCraig M. LeeB. Gregory Mitchell
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The Japan/East Sea (JES) contains several oceanic regions separated by dynamic boundaries. These distinct regions, and the physical features that establish and maintain the boundaries between the regions, have significant impacts on its ocean biology. Until recently, most studies of the biology of the JES have focused on nearshore regions, with few detailed studies of the interior of the JES or the dynamic features that define the different regions. In addition, the classic sampling methods used in previous work have not allowed high-resolution studies of biological-physical interactions associated with key dynamic mesoscale frontal zones, quasi-synoptic surveys of water column and biological structure in three dimensions, or broad-scale description of the seasonal cycles in the different biogeographic regions of the JES.


Ashjian, C., R. Arnone, C. Davis, B. Jones, M. Kahru, C. Lee, and B.G. Mitchell. 2006. Biological structure and seasonality in the Japan/East Sea. Oceanography 19(3):122–133, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2006.49.