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Volume 09 Issue 01

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Volume 09, No. 1
Pages 50 - 59

Biodiversity is Biogeography: Implications for Conservation

G. Carleton Ray
First Paragraph

Three themes dominate this review. The first is that biodiversity is biogeography. Or, as Nelson and Ladiges (1990) put it: “Indeed, what beyond biogeography is ‘biodiversity’ about?” Second, watershed and seashed patterns and their scale-related dynamics are major modifiers of biogeographic pattern. And, third, concepts of biodiversity and biogeography are essential guides for conservation and management of coastal-marine systems, especially for MACPAs (MArine and Coastal Protected Areas).


Ray, G.C. 1996. Biodiversity is biogeography: Implications for conservation. Oceanography 9(1):50–59, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.1996.27.