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Volume 19 Issue 03

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Volume 19, No. 3
Pages 18 - 31

A History of Physical Oceanographic Research in the Japan/East Sea

Mikhail A. DanchenkovVyacheslav B. Lobanov Stephen C. RiserKuh KimMasaki TakematsuJong-Hwan Yoon
First Paragraph

Oceanographic research in the Japan/East Sea (JES) has a history similar to other marginal seas that are surrounded by countries that play a central role in world economics and politics (Figure 1). However, due to the specifics of the region’s history, its varied cultures, and the different languages of the nations in the region, most regional oceanographic research has been carried out independently by each country. This research has often taken place without complete knowledge of neighboring nations, although in recent years a new degree of international cooperation in the region has emerged.


Danchenkov, M.A., V.B. Lobanov, S.C. Riser, K. Kim, M. Takematsu, and J.-H. Yoon. 2006. A history of physical oceanographic research in the Japan/East Sea. Oceanography 19(3):18–31, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2006.41.