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Volume 29 Issue 02

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Volume 29, No. 2
Pages 10 - 11

RIP CURRENT – NEWS IN OCEANOGRAPHY • First Evidence of Bioluminescence on a “Black Smoker” Hydrothermal Chimney

Brennan T. Phillips David F. GruberGanesh Vasan Vincent A. PieriboneJohn S. SparksChristopher N. Roman
First Paragraph

Bioluminescence in the deep sea is omnipresent, yet imagery of the phenomenon is scarce. While this dearth in observations can be largely explained by sampling effort, the camera technology available for in situ, low-light imagery is also a limiting factor. Recent work by Phillips et al. (2016) describes the application of a Hamamatsu ORCA Flash2.0 V2 sCMOS camera to detect light-stimulated luminescence in the water column. This system was recently employed to observe bioluminescence on a deep-sea “black smoker” hydrothermal vent.


Phillips, B.T., D.F. Gruber, G. Vasan, V.A. Pieribone, J.S. Sparks, and C.N. Roman. 2016. First evidence of bioluminescence on a “black smoker” hydrothermal chimney. Oceanography 29(2):10–11, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2016.27.

Supplementary Materials

A video of the hydrothermal chimney collected by ROV Hercules is available on The Oceanography Society's YouTube Channel.


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