Oceanography The Official Magazine of
The Oceanography Society

Volume 04 | Number 2 | 1991

On the Cover: Station P (50°N, 145°W)—winter wind mixing of the upper ocean in the Gulf of Alaska. Photo was taken through a centrifugal rain screen from the bridge of the weathership HMCCGS Quadra on patrol in 1980. (Photo by Martha Clemons)
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Volume 04 Issue 02

The Role of Episodic Atmospheric Nutrient Inputs in the Chemical and Biological Dynamics of Oceanic Ecosystems
By Percy L. Donaghay, Peter S. Liss, Robert A. Duce, Dana R. Kester , Alfred K. Hanson, Tracy Villareal , Neil W. Tindale, and Dian J. Gifford

Ecological Processes in the Subarctic Pacific: Iron-Limitation Cannot Be the Whole Story
By Charles B. Miller, Bruce W. Frost , Beatrice Booth, Patricia A. Wheeler , Michael R. Landry, and Nicholas Welschmeyer