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For the first "Women in Oceanography" issue published in March 2005, Peggy Delaney and I started by sending emails to women we knew—and asking each recipient to invite two others to contribute sketches. For this compendium, I began by sending a similar email to all of the women who contributed sketches a decade ago—and asked them to forward the email to two others. The email invitation was also sent to women who have been involved in MPOWIR. The resulting 200+ autobiographies included in this section thus span the spectrum from early career, to mid-career, to late career scientists, and they cover the breadth of oceanography disciplines. 

In preparing their autobiographical sketches, we asked women who did not submit an autobiographical sketch in 2005 to address the same topics suggested a decade ago: 
1. Briefly, what are your scientific and research interests?
2. How did you choose your field of study?
3. What have you found most rewarding about being an ocean scientist and why?
4. What have been your greatest career challenges? How have you responded to these challenges?
5. How have you balanced your career and personal life? How has this balance influenced your career choices and your personal life?
6. Are the conditions for women in your area of the field different now than when you began your career? If so, how has that affected your work?
7. What other topics or issues would you like to address?

For women whose sketch was published in the 2005 special issue of Oceanography, we asked that they:
1. Summarize their employment status 10 years ago.
2. Discuss the career path they have taken since then.
3. Include any challenges they faced and how they handled them.
4. Provide any advice for young women oceanographers.

Reading these sketches makes me proud to be part of this amazing community of women oceanographers. I hope these stories inspire another generation of young women to become scientists.

— Ellen S. Kappel, Editor


List of Autobiographies

Natsue Abe
Fatima Abrantes
Diane K. Adams
Miho Asada
Amanda Babson
Johanna Baehr
Barbara Balestra
Sibel Bargu
Lisa Beal
Janet M. Becker
Claudia Benitez-Nelson
Kelly Benoit-Bird
Heather Benway
Elisa Berdalet
Kim S. Bernard
Joan M. Bernhard
Nihayet Bizsel
Carol Anne Blanchette
Paula S. Bontempi
Helen Bostock
Mya Breitbart
Deborah A. Bronk
Sandra Brosnahan
Kristen Buck
Lisa Campbell
Elizabeth A. Canuel
Antonietta Capotondi
Claudia Cenedese
Ivona Cetinić
Silvia Chacón-Barrantes
Teresa Chereskin
Sanae Chiba
Mireille Chinain
Sallie (Penny) Chisholm
Gail Christeson
Joan S. Cleveland
Paula Coble
Robyn N. Conmy
Sarah Cooley
Marie-Helene Cormier
Meghan F. Cronin
Kendra L. Daly
Kate Darling
Xujing Jia Davis
Marie de Angelis
Agatha de Boer
Christina L. De La Rocha
Laura de Steur
Petra S. Dekens
Virginia P. Edgcomb
Henrietta N. Edmonds
Katherine B. Emery
Gemma Ercilla
Carlota Escutia
Marta Estrada
Kelly Kenison Falkner
Kristina Faul
Helena L. Filipsson
Rana A. Fine
Jessica Fitzsimmons
Kathryn H. Ford
Eleanor Frajka-Williams
Marga García
Carmen García-Comas
Marisol García-Reyes
Joan M. Gardner
Silvia L. Garzoli
Deidre M. Gibson
Sarah N. Giddings
Sarah Gille
Mirjam Sophia Glessmer
Patricia M. Glibert
Shana Goffredi
Jennifer A. Graham
Hazel Grant
Cheryl Greengrove
Silvia B. Gremes-Cordero
Annalisa Griffa
Cécile Guieu
Naomi Harada
Lois Harwood
Rachel Haymon
Kate Hendry
Stephanie Henson
Karen J. Heywood
Barbara Hickey
Jenna C. Hill
Tessa M. Hill
Penny Holliday
Bärbel Hönisch
Emilie Hooft
Meredith D.A. Howard
Julia M. Hummon
Susan E. Humphris
Deborah R. Hutchinson
Alexandra Isern
Libby (Elizabeth) Johns
Ashanti Johnson
Elizabeth (Libby) Jones
Ellen Kappel
Miriam Kastner
Suzan Kholeif
Gail C. Kineke
Emily M. Klein
Karen L. Knee
Yoshimi Kubota
Elizabeth Kujawinski
Kara Lavender Law
Sonya Legg
Erika Lentz
Frances Lightsom
Susan Lozier
Allison Luengen
Amy Maas
Jennifer MacKinnon
Maria Beatrice Magnani
Briony Mamo
Clara Manno
Nancy Marcus
Irina Marinov
Marinna Martini
Patricia A. Matrai
Erin McClymont
Cecilia M. Gonzalez-McHugh
Galen A. McKinley
Marcia McNutt
Erika McPhee-Shaw
Ellen L. Mecray
Sunshine Menezes
Amélie Meyer
Anna Michel
Furu Mienis
Rachel Mills
Mary Ann Moran
Colleen Mouw
Barbara Muhling
Lauren Mullineaux
Sarah J. Norris
Joanne O'Callaghan
Mónica V. Orellana
Tuba Özkan-Haller
Jaime Palter
Uta Passow
Adina Paytan
Sara Pensieri
Renellys C. Perez
Laetitia Pichevin
Helle Ploug
Julie Pullen
Andrea M. Quattrini
Berit Rabe
Nicole Raineault
Beatriz Reguera
Clare E. Reimers
Angelika Renner
Mariana Ribas Ribas
Mary Jo Richardson
Paola Malanotte-Rizzoli
Robin Robertson
Anastasia Romanou
Leslie Rosenfeld
Carolyn Ruppel
Ann D. Russell
Grace Saba
Claudia Schmid
Astrid Schnetzer
Magali Schweizer
Tiziana Sgroi
Evelyn B. Sherr
Amelia E. Shevenell
Ingunn Skjelvan
Caroline Slomp
Deborah K. Smith
Heidi M. Sosik
Kristen D. Splinter
Janet Sprintall
Rachel Stanley
Deborah K. Steinberg
Fiamma Straneo
Kathryn Sullivan
Chaojiao Sun
Kazuyo Tachikawa
Patricia Tester
Debbie Thomas
Anne Williford Thompson
Diane Thompson
LuAnne Thompson
Kristen Thyng
Masako Tominaga
Marta E. Torres
Elizabeth Turner
Tina van de Flierdt
Diana E. Varela
Lourdes Velo-Suárez
Penny Vlahos
Kathleen Wage and Lora Van Uffelen
Angelicque E. White
LeAnn Whitney
Gunda Wieczorek
Branwen Williams
Gisela Winckler
Karen Wishner
Alexandra Z. Worden
Lindsay Lowe Worthington
Şükran Yalçın Özdilek
Margaret Yelland
Xiaojun Yuan
Patrizia Ziveri

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