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Volume 18 Issue 02

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Volume 18, No. 2
Pages 256 - 259

THE OCEANOGRAPHY CLASSROOM • Catering to the Multitudes

Matthias Tomczak
First Paragraph

Tom Garrison’s education column in the last issue of our magazine gave a vivid description of the challenges today’s oceanography educators face in a first-year lecture theatre. In my student days, an introductory course in oceanography was the first step on the way towards a professional career in oceanography, and the class was correspondingly small. Today, a teacher of first-year introductory oceanography faces a class of several hundred students, and teaching oceanography turns into a course of basic science concepts, using examples from the ocean. This generates new challenges for the teacher, who has to correct misconceptions in many fields, from simple geography to the principles of mechanics, from statistics to evolution.


Tomczak, M. 2005. Education—The oceanography classroom: Catering to the multitudes. Oceanography 18(2):256–259, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2005.63.