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Volume 17 Issue 02

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Volume 17, No. 2
Pages 6 - 7

LETTER TO THE EDITOR • The Answer Must be Red Crabs, of Course

Alan Longhurst
First Paragraph

In the March issue of Oceanography, Peter Etnoyer et al. (2004) discuss the location and seasonality of frontal systems in the eastern Pacific that they identify by analysis of slope functions in satellite SST images. They then invoke the complex of fronts that occurs to the west of Baja California as a “hot spot” where tuna, marlin, whales and other pelagic organisms preferentially aggregate. They ask why this should occur, and what these large organisms might be eating? Something, they suggest, draws such species to the Baja California region from far away.


Longhurst, A. 2004. Letter: The answer must be red crabs, of course. Oceanography 17(2):6–7, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2004.57.