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Volume 12 Issue 03

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Volume 12, No. 3
Pages 8 - 11

Technology Workshop for a Census of Marine Life

Jules S. Jaffe
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Does a “Census of Marine Life” make sense, and if so, what are the appropriate types of new technologies that one could imagine used to accomplish such a purpose in the near future? After the approximately 18 presentations, there was a great deal of interesting discussion relating to these issues. This document contains the impressions of one of the organizers (J.S. Jaffe) of what transpired and also includes some data and text of examples from some of the newer frontiers that could impact the Census of Marine Life (CoML).


Jaffe, J.S.. 1999. Technology Workshop for a Census of Marine Life. Oceanography 12(3):8–11, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.1999.02.