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Volume 09 Issue 03

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Volume 09, No. 3
Pages 178 - 182

Swath Mapping on the Continental Shelf and Slope: The Eel River Basin, Northern California

John A. Goff Larry A. Mayer John Hughes-ClarkeLincoln F. Pratson
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The STRATAFORM program sponsored by the Office of Naval Research (Nittrouer and Kravitz, 1996, this issue) seeks to understand how sedimentary processes lead to the formation of the stratigraphic sequences on continental margins. A central challenge facing this effort is to understand the transport of sediments in shore-parallel as well as shore-perpendicular directions• Multidimensionality is necessary to describe, for example, the accumulation of sediments from river inputs, the distribution of gullies and canyons on the slope, the meandering of channels, and the structure of slumps and slides.


Goff, J.A., L.A. Mayer, J. Hughes-Clark, and L.F. Pratson. 1996. Swath mapping on the continental shelf and slope: The Eel River Basin, Northern California. Oceanography 9(3):178–182, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.1996.07.