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Volume 16 Issue 01

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Volume 16, No. 1
Pages 4 - 10

Science, Technology, and People

Melbourne G. Briscoe
First Paragraph

This article started as an essay about the impact of technology on oceanography. It evolved into a summary of lessons learned and conclusions drawn about how science affects technology, and vice versa, and about the central role of people—scientists and technologists—in the interaction between science and technology. The essay is about three things that may seem quite disconnected: Pasteur's Quadrant, Success Factors for Science and Technology, and Myers-Briggs Type Inventory. The goal is to try to pull these threads together, in an oceanographic context, and build on and borrow from what some others have said and written.


Briscoe, M.G. 2003. Science, technology, and people. Oceanography 16(1):4–10, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2003.51.