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Volume 01 Issue 02

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Volume 01, No. 2
Pages 57 - 57

BOOK REVIEW • The Crest of the Wave: Adventures in Oceanography

David A. Brooks
First Paragraph

The Second World War ushered in a new era of oceanography, championed by entrepreneurs, driven by national needs, and fueled by federal dollars. The new protagonist was invariably male, ruggedly handsome, and chafing to go forth and tame the sea. Explorers and adventurers were our unsurpassed heroes, and oceanographers worth their salt had the right stuff, although at the time nobody knew what to call it.


Brooks, D.A. 1988. Review of The Crest of the Wave: Adventures in Oceanography, by W. Bascom. Oceanography 1(2):57, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.1988.26.