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Volume 06 Issue 02

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Volume 06, No. 2
Pages 64 - 64

BOOK REVIEW • Fluid Mechanics

O.M. Phillips
First Paragraph

It is commonly accepted that students of physical oceanography should possess a knowledge of the basic concepts, techniques, and theorems of fluid mechanics, upon which they can build an understanding of more particular areas such as geophysical fluid dynamics, ocean circulation and structure, ocean acoustics, estuaries, or whatever. The same is true for students of engineering if their aims are towards the mechanical, environmental, chemical, or aeronautical areas. The applications may well change during a scientific or professional career, but a thorough understanding of the fundamentals is common to them all. Most texts concentrate either on these or on one or other of the areas of application; Kundu’s book, intended for students of both engineering and geophysical fluid dynamics, is unusual in that it seeks to cover not only the basic areas but also instability and turbulence and extensions into geophysical fluid dynamics, aerodynamics, and compressible flow.


Phillips, O.M. 1993. Review of Fluid Mechanics, by P.K. Kundu. Oceanography 6(2):64, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.1993.16.