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Volume 01 Issue 02

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Volume 01, No. 2
Pages 39 - 39

REVIEW AND COMMENT • Retrospective

David A. Brooks
First Paragraph

As students, we are invariably reminded of Mathew Fontaine Maury, who is canonized for standardizing, collecting and publishing ships’ observations of surface drift. Regarded in isolation, this seems a mundane accountant’s task, not at all characteristic of a seaman’s romantic or literary passions. But it is a historical misperception to limit Maury in this way. Hark back a century, open your reader, and pay attention to the recitation. Hear the Lieutenant speaking to American youth about the sea breeze in a far-away land…


Brooks, D.A. 1988. Retrospective. Oceanography 1(2):39, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.1988.08.