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Volume 08 Issue 01

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Volume 08, No. 1
Pages 17 - 18

THE FUTURE OF OCEANOGRAPHY • Physical Basis of Prey Capture by Marine Heterotrophic Nanoflagellates

Bruce C. Monger
First Paragraph

Heterotrophic nanoflagellates are an important consumer group within pelagic foodwebs and play a vital role in cycling carbon and nitrogen in the world’s oceans. Most primary production passes either directly or indirectly through heterotrophic nanoflagellates in the open ocean. In coastal environments, heterotrophic nanoflagellates are the dominant consumers of bacterial secondary production and the principal source of ammonium regeneration.


Monger, B.C. 1995. Physical basis of prey capture by marine heterotrophic nanoflagellates. Oceanography 8(1):17–18, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.1995.28.