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The Oceanography Society
Volume 11 Issue 02

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Volume 11, No. 2
Pages 19 - 21

Ocean Data View 4.0

Murray Brown
Article Abstract

Ocean Data View, a multiple-variable graphical analysis and display package for oceanographic station data (station metadata, temperature, salinity, nutrients, others), compatible with several commonly used international marine data formats, is reviewed. Standard derived variables or those based on user-provided formulas can be displayed. Station charts, station data profiles, multi-variable scatter plats, section profiles, and surface plots (one variable plotted on a specific value of any other variable) can be created easily within a user-specified physical layout of Cartesian frames. Plotted data is easily gridded and/or contoured in nearly all views.


Brown, M. 1998. Ocean Data View 4.0. Oceanography 11(2):19–21, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.1998.04.