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Volume 19 Issue 01

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Volume 19, No. 1
Pages 118 - 129

Generalized Vertical Coordinates for Eddy-Resolving Global and Coastal Ocean Forecasts

Eric P. Chassignet Harley E. Hurlburt Ole Martin Smedstad George R. Halliwell Alan J. Wallcraft E. Joseph MetzgerBrian O. BlantonCarlos Lozano Desiraju B. Rao Patrick J. HoganAshwanth Srinivasan
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Numerical modeling studies over the past several decades have demonstrated progress both in model architecture and in the use of rapidly advancing computational resources. Perhaps the most notable aspect of this progression has been the evolution from simulations on coarse-resolution horizontal and vertical grids that outline basins of simplified geometry and bathymetry and that are forced by idealized surface fluxes, to fine-resolution simulations that incorporate realistic coastline definition and bottom topography and that are forced by observational data on relatively short time scales (Hurlburt and Hogan, 2000; Smith et al., 2000; Chassignet and Garraffo, 2001; Maltrud and McClean, 2005).


Chassignet, E.P., H.E. Hurlburt, O.M. Smedstad, G.R. Halliwell, A.J. Wallcraft, E.J. Metzger, B.O. Blanton, C. Lozano, D.B. Rao, P.J. Hogan, and A. Srinivasan. 2006. Generalized vertical coordinates for eddy-resolving global and coastal ocean forecasts. Oceanography 19(1):118–129, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2006.95.