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Volume 08 Issue 01

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Volume 08, No. 1
Pages 26 - 29

REVIEW AND COMMENT • DODS: Providing Direct Access to Distributed Research Data Resources

George Milkowski
First Paragraph

Many exciting advances in oceanography are occurring because of the data being acquired from newly developed instruments and observing systems. However, the volume and diversity of the data being generated by these systems presents researchers with formidable data management problems. Adding to the complexity of the data management problems is the fact that many oceanographers also want and need access to the data of other researchers or national oceanographic archives. In order for oceanographers’ research endeavors to keep pace with rapidly changing technologies it is critical that researchers be provided convenient and easy access to data.


Milkowski, G. 1995. DODS: Providing direct access to distributed research data resources. Oceanography 8(1):26–29, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.1995.32.