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Volume 13 Issue 01

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Volume 13, No. 1
Pages 68 - 70

BOOK REVIEW • Coastal and Estuarine Studies: Coastal Ocean Prediction

Fred C. Klein
First Paragraph

Christopher Mooers’ introduction collection of papers opens by succinctly stating that there is an explosion of interest in the coastal ocean. Every one of the 20 papers introduces its subject with the importance of understanding the dynamics of the coastal ocean to humans, since most of us live on or near the coast. Mooers also explains that a growing variety of people make it their business to try to understand the coastal ocean physical fields from water circulation, and mass fields to tides, tsunamis and ice flows; and then one must add sea breezes and coastal low level jets. His first paper, “Introduction to Coastal Ocean Prediction,” written by Mooers himself, sets the stage for the variety of coastal prediction efforts so we are prepared for the large scope of problems for researchers to solve and the many requirements of the operational forecasters throughout the papers. He supports us with a vision of coastal forecasting to be able to absorb the tools presented in the papers.


Klein, F.C. 2000. Review of Coastal and Estuarine Studies: Coastal Ocean Prediction, edited by C.N.K. Mooers. Oceanography 13(1):68–70, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2000.57.