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Volume 16 Issue 04

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Volume 16, No. 4
Pages 106 - 108

BOOK REVIEW • Atmosphere-Ocean Interactions (Volume 1)

Kristina B. Katsaros
First Paragraph

This book is a valuable review of the field of atmosphere-ocean interactions, particularly as it relates to tropical cyclones and other marine storm systems. It presents a survey of several key mechanisms that are important for marine storms and their development. The book has nine chapters covering three topical areas including: basic considerations of marine storms regarding the interface, atmosphere, and the ocean (chapters 1-3); coupled models, including oceanwave models (chapters 4-6); and, in chapters 7-9, issues of longer time scales and climate change in relation to marine storms.


Katsaros, K.B. 2003. Review of Atmosphere-Ocean Interactions (Volume 1), edited by W. Perrie. Oceanography 16(4):106–108, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2003.20.