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Volume 28, No. 3
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Assessing Bioresources and Standing Stock of Zoobenthos (Key Species, High Taxa, Trophic Groups) in the Chukchi Sea

By Stanislav G. Denisenko , Jacqueline M. Grebmeier , and Lee W. Cooper 
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Article Abstract

We describe total standing stock and spatial biomass distribution of the key macrofaunal species, as well as the main taxonomic and trophic groups of zoobenthos, in the Chukchi Sea based on data collected over the period 1986–2012. The dominant species, ranked by biomass, are the bivalves Macoma calcarea, Ennucula tenuis, Astarte borealis, Nuculana radiata, and Yoldia hyperborea; the sipunculid, Golfingia margaritacea; the polychaete Maldane sarsi; and the sea cucumber Psolus peroni. We discuss the influence of bottom sediments and water masses on zoobenthos bioresources and standing stock and present a hypothesis for the mechanism that facilitates the phenomenon of very high benthic biomass in the southern Chukchi Sea. The relationship between biomass of filter feeders and deposit feeders indicates that the Chukchi Sea should be classified as a eutrophic marine system.


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