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Volume 21 Issue 02

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Volume 21, No. 2


Simon Boxall | University of Southampton, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK

First Paragraph

June is the time that oceanography undergraduates have the cleanest shoes and tidiest rooms, and have contacted everyone in their mobile phone directories—many for the first time since last year. University professors of oceanography are similarly up to date with these mundane tasks. The reason? Exams and assessments. It only takes three lectures’ worth of notes on Intermediate Physical Oceanography for a student to realize how keen Aunt Beryl might be to hear from her nephew, or a small mountain of “Could climate change impact the Gulf Stream?” essays for an academic’s thoughts to wander to those sandals that haven’t been polished since earlier this morning.


Boxall, S. 2008. The oceanography classroom: Assess ‘til we drop? Oceanography 21(2):66–67, https://doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2008.58.