TOS Fellows Program

Recognizing Individuals Who Have Attained Eminence in Oceanography Through Their Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Oceanography or Its Applications During a Substantial Period of Years

Nomination Procedure

The nomination period is from mid-July through October 31, 2022. The lead nominator serves as the point of contact. All nominations must be submitted through the online system.

When putting together the nomination package, please first review the following criteria that must be met for a nominee to be considered for selection as a TOS Fellow:

  • Outstanding and sustained contributions to the field of oceanography. Contributions can either be scientific excellence as evidenced by an outstanding publication record and/or extraordinary service and leadership as evidenced by impactful community engagement and/or strategic development of the field.

In addition, one of the following secondary criteria must be met to be selected as a TOS Fellow:

  • Outstanding and wide-ranging contributions to educating and mentoring students and early career ocean scientists
  • Novel contributions toward promoting a broader understanding of oceanography and oceanographic research to the general public



  • The nominated individual must be a TOS member for more than two years. Check with the TOS Executive Director, Jenny Ramarui (, with any questions regarding membership status.
  • Voting TOS officers and Members of the Council are not eligible for selection as a Fellow during their terms of service
  • Nomination is for an individual scientist from any country
  • If selected, nominees must certify their compliance with the TOS Policy on Professional Integrity, Ethics, and Conduct, and Guidelines on Implementation



  • Supporters need not be active members of The Oceanography Society at the time of nomination

Nomination Package

All nominations are submitted through the online submission system and must include the following elements.

1. Citation

This text will appear in news releases and on a certificate presented to the Fellow. The text of this citation should be 200 characters or less.

2. Professional History

  • Nominee’s curriculum vita (five pages maximum) must include the nominee’s name, professional mailing and email addresses, history of education, history of employment, research experiences and major contributions, previous memberships, honors, and service to the community.
  • Nominee’s selected bibliography (five pages maximum) should span the range of important contributions and should document original impacts in the highlighted research areas. Multi-authored publications are permissible, especially those in which students or postdocs appear as lead authors. Novel published contributions to relevant technologies and facilities, and community syntheses or reports are permitted.

3. Nomination Letter

The nomination letter can be a maximum of three pages and must include:

  • The name, title, institution, and contact information for the nominator (and one co-nominator, if applicable).
  • A succinct synthesis of the nominee’s qualifications (a summary of information documented in the supporting letters is appropriate).

4. Supporting Letters

Three letters of support (in addition to the nomination letter) must be submitted. Letters signed by more than one writer are not permitted. Submission on letterhead is preferred, electronic signatures permitted. Letters must include the supporter’s name, title, institution, and contact information; a statement of relationship to the nominee; and clear justification for the qualifications of the nominee. Each letter must be a maximum of two pages in length.

No more than 0.3% of the TOS regular membership will be advanced to Fellows each year. Regular, sponsoring, and life members are calculated in this formula.


For more information, or if there are any questions, please write to

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