Walter Munk Medal

Awarded in Recognition of Distinguished Research in Physical Oceanography, Ocean Acoustics, or Marine Geophysics


The Oceanography Society is pleased to announce that Dr. Andone C. Lavery was selected as the 2017 recipient of The Munk Medal recognizing of distinguished research in oceanography related to sound and the sea.

2017 Medal: Andone C. Lavery

Dr. Andone C. Lavery was selected as the 2017 recipient the Walter Munk Award for Distinguished Research in Oceanography Related to Sound and the Sea.

Dr. Lavery is an Associate Scientist with Tenure in the Department of Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

The citation on the certificate signed by the Secretary of the U.S. Navy and the president of The Oceanography Society reads as follows:

Through discrimination between the scattering by zooplankton and physical microstructure using broadband acoustic measurement methods and models, Andone Lavery has quantified important biological and physical parameters leading to new understanding of both ocean physical processes and marine biology.

An excerpt from the nomination letter written by James F. Lynch states that “Andone’s work has been very much in the spirit of acoustical oceanography and the Walter Munk Award’s stated criteria for acoustics, ocean science, and instrumentation development. Her Arctic oil spill work also has a fine scale echo of Walter’s ATOC work, where he was concerned with measuring ocean warming due to anthropogenic activity. Both pieces of research have a deep societal motivation.”

Dr. Lavery received the Munk Award during the 174th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America in New Orleans, Louisiana (December 4–8, 2017), and she was recognized during the Ocean Sciences Meeting in Portland, Oregon (February 11–16, 2018). She gave presentations at both meetings.

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