The Oceanography Society Council

Call for Self-Nominations to the TOS Council!

Following our tradition of making opportunities to participate in TOS activities available to the broadest spectrum of TOS members, we invite submission of self-nominations for consideration for inclusion on the ballot for open Council positions. Information about the role of Councilors and the scientific areas they represent appears below. Self-nominations are due September 15.

TOS Council members guide the direction and activities of the Society. Representing a range of expertise and experience that spans the ocean sciences, Councilors serve a three-year term. They participate in regular conference calls to conduct customary oversight, such as reviewing financial and other internal reports as well as developing and implementing new programs.

To better include voices from all areas of ocean science, the following thematic positions have been added to the TOS Council this year: Early Career, Ocean Social Science and Policy, and Ocean Data Science. These three positions, as well as those for President-Elect, Physical Oceanography, Biological Oceanography, and Education, will be on this fall’s election ballot.

Questions? You are welcome to contact the TOS Executive Director or TOS President.

POSITION DESCRIPTIONS > Terms January 2021–December 2023

Biological Oceanography Councilor
The Biological Oceanography Councilor represents the ocean biological science community including disciplines such as biological oceanography, marine ecology, biodiversity, fisheries sciences, benthic ecology, and marine genomics.

Early Career Councilor
The Early Career Councilor represents the needs of early career ocean professionals and communicates opportunities across all areas of engagement of the TOS family.

Education Councilor
The Education Councilor represents the ocean education community including aspects such as ocean education curricula, ocean literacy, school programs, and the engagement of young minds.

Ocean Data Science Councilor
The Ocean Data Science Councilor represents the ocean data science community including disciplines such as informatics, ocean data sciences, interoperability, big-data, data visualization, data sharing.

Ocean Social Science and Policy Councilor
The Ocean Social Science and Policy Councilor represents the ocean social science community broadly defined including disciplines such as law of the sea, marine social sciences, ocean resource economics, marine policy, and marine environmental ethics.

Physical Oceanography Councilor
The Physical Oceanography Councilor represents the ocean physics community including disciplines such as physical oceanography, ocean acoustics, ocean circulation, physical ocean climate, air-sea exchanges.

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