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Oceanography Magazine

Teaching Physical Concepts
| Chronicling all aspects of ocean science and its applications, including news and information, meeting reports, book reviews, public policy, and education, and how they are affected by science and technology

New Frontiers in Ocean Exploration

Ocean Exploration

New Frontiers in Ocean Exploration
| A recurring supplement to Oceanography magazine, these booklets provide details about the innovative technologies Exploration Vessel Nautilus deploys to investigate the seafloor and explain how telepresence can both convey the excitement of ocean exploration to global audiences in real time and allow scientists on shore to participate in expeditions.


Career Profiles
Career Profiles: Options and Insights
| Providing perspectives on career options in the ocean sciences

Hands-On Oceanography
Hands-On Oceanography
| Hands-on activities for teaching fundamental oceanography concepts in undergraduate and graduate classrooms

The Oceangoraphy Classroom
The Oceanography Classroom
| Providing guidance and insight on undergraduate and graduate education in the ocean sciences

Guides and Booklets

Teaching Physical Concepts
Teaching Physical Concepts in Oceanography: An Inquiry Based Approach | Educational approaches to help engage students in learning through a collection of hands-on/minds-on activities for teaching physical concepts that are fundamental in oceanography

Scientfically Speaking
Scientfically Speaking: Tips for Preparing and Delivering Scientific Talks and Using Visual Aids | Guidance on preparing and presenting posters, short oral presentations, and longer invited lectures to aid in effective scientific communication

Education and Public Outreach
Education and Public Outreach: A Guide for Scientists | Basic information for scientists who wish to engage in education and public outreach