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Breaking Waves: A Call for Manuscripts

A section entitled Breaking Waves began appearing in issues of Oceanography in 2002. The purpose of this section is to provide an outlet for short papers describing novel approaches to multi-disciplinary problems in oceanography. These provocative papers will present findings that are synthetic by design, and have the potential to move the field of oceanography forward or in new directions.

Papers should be written in a style that is both concise and accessible to a broad readership. While these papers should be thought-provoking for the professional oceanographer, they should also be written in a manner that is engaging for the educated non-professional. As in other sections of Oceanography, we encourage the use of color photographs and figures to help illustrate a paper's main points and add to its aesthetic appeal. Consistent with our effort to publish papers on rapidly advancing topics in oceanography, all submissions to the Breaking Waves section will be given a special fast-track in the peer-review and publishing process. Our goal will be to publish papers no more than two issues (i.e. six months) after their submission.

The Associate Editor overseeing the development of Breaking Waves is Charles H. Greene (chg2@cornell.edu), Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Cornell University. Authors should submit a brief email message to the Associate Editor outlining their ideas for papers prior to actual manuscript preparation. This step will insure that authors receive appropriate feedback prior to investing their time and energy in preparing manuscripts that may be unsuitable for publication in this forum. Correspondence with the Associate Editor and submission of manuscripts should be done electronically whenever possible. File formats for text, figures, and photographs must be consistent with existing style guidelines for Oceanography.