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2012, Oceanography 25(2):5, http://dx.doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2012.56

QUARTERDECK | Many Thanks to Oceanography Guest Editors—Past, Present, and Future

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Ellen S. Kappel | Oceanography Editor


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It is difficult to believe that I have never written a Quarterdeck column thanking all of the guest editors who have worked with me to publish special issues of Oceanography. Simply put, we could not do it without them. Guest editors develop the table of contents of special issues and invite authors to contribute manuscripts. They conduct the peer review and ride herd on their authors to get their manuscripts in and revised and final files to Oceanography. Guest editors often endure relentless pestering from Oceanography's editor—me—because deadlines must be met and the magazine published on time. There is a fairly narrow margin of error. The few subtle places where their names appear in the magazine or on the Oceanography website don't come close to honoring the efforts, often heroic, of the guest editors. Here I list all of the marvelous guest editors with whom I have worked over the last eight years as Oceanography editor. I send all of them a big hearty THANK YOU!!!

– Ellen S. Kappel, Editor

Matthew Alford
William Balch
Benjamin Baron-Taltre
Stace Beaulieu
Michael Bell
Serge Berné
Whitney Blanchard
Ted Brekken
Ken Brink
Mel Briscoe
Debbie Bronk
Bob Burger
Miquel Canals
Luca Centurioni
Elisa Chae
Ben Chicoski
Joan Cleveland
Robert Cowen
Peggy Delaney
Colin Devey
Scott Doney
Hugh Ducklow

Victoria Fabry
Kelly Falkner
Richard Feely
Chuck Fisher
Dan Fornari
Kantaro Fujioka
Glen Gawarkiewicz
Pat Glibert
Arnold Gordon
Vikki Gunn
Steve Hammond
MaryLee Haughwout
James Holden
Debbie Jahnke
Rick Jahnke
Dave Karl
Kerry Kehoe
Anthony Koppers
Kristen Kusek
J. William Lavelle
Dongkyu Lee
Michel Lefèbvre

Pierre-Yves Le Traon
Eric Lindstrom
Ralph Lopez
Patricia Matrai
Nikolai Maximenko
Craig McLean
Laury Miller
Greg Mountain
Lauren Mullineaux
Jim Murray
Chuck Nittrouer
Alex Orsi
Joe Ortiz
Terri Paluszkiewicz
Jesús Pineda
Grant Pitcher
Tony Pitcher
Lita Proctor
Peter Ranelli
Don Rice
Carleigh Rodriguez
Ray Schmitt

Tim Shank
Neville Smith
Walter H.F. Smith
Hubert Staudigel
Lou St. Laurent
James Syvitski
Tswen Yung David Tang
Phil Taylor
Kethy Tedesco
Ellen Ternes
Simon Thorrold
Maya Tolstoy
Fabio Trincardi
Cesar Villanoy
Annette von Jouanne
Philip Weaver
Julia Wellner
Cisco Werner
Josh Willis
Kirsten Wilmer-Becker
Rebecca Woodgate



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Kappel, E.S. 2012. Quarterdeck: Many thanks to Oceanography guest editors—Past, present, and future. Oceanography 25(2):5, http://dx.doi.org/10.5670/oceanog.2012.56.