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2009, Oceanography 22(4):251

AWARDS | The 2009 Walter Munk Award

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Dr. James F. Lynch | Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

James F. Lynch of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution was honored as the latest recipient of the Walter Munk Award for Distinguished Research in Oceanography Related to Sound and the Sea. Dr. Lynch was recognized for his achievements during ceremonies held on October 27 and 28, 2009, at the Acoustical Society of America Meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

In addition to receiving an engraved medal and lapel pin designed by Judith Munk, Dr. Lynch received a certificate signed by the Secretary of the Navy and The Oceanography Society President. The certificate includes the following citation:

The United States Navy and The Oceanography Society present The Walter Munk Award to James F. Lynch, for improving the understanding of oceanographic processes that affect acoustic signals in shallow water, for the development of acoustical methods for measuring these processes, and for leadership of and service to the USĀ ocean acoustics community.

The Oceanography Society, Office of Naval Research, and Office of the Oceanographer of the Navy jointly grant the Walter Munk Award. Recipients are selected based on their:

  • Significant original contributions to the understanding of physical ocean processes related to sound in the sea

  • Significant original contributions to the application of acoustic methods to that understanding and/or

  • Outstanding service that fosters research in ocean science and instrumentation contributing to the above

Dr. Lynch will also be recognized during activities at the 2010 Ocean Sciences Meeting in Portland, Oregon.



Awards: The 2009 Walter Munk Award. 2009. Oceanography 22(4):251.